Welcome to the Little Wings Bookshop, with books by wellness Artist and Writer Corina Duyn. To use the quote from Into the Light: "Books help us to understand who we are and how we are to behave." (Ann Lamott - Bird by Bird)

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four version of Into the Light book in a box by Corina Duyn. Buy Corina Duyn's wellness books Into the Light  (2015)  was  shortlisted for The CAP Awards 2016. There are four versions available, a flat rate of €5 postage will be charged.  
Other books by Corina Duyn: Hatched, Cirrus Chronicles, Flying on Little Wings, Life Outside the Box, Snapshots
cover of wellness book Hatched by Corina Duyn, Buy Corina Duyn's wellness books    Cirrus Chronicles- Landing in Ballynelligan.Buy Corina Duyn's wellness books     cover Flying on Little Wings. Buy Corina Duyn's wellness books    Life outside the box puppetry project. Buy Corina Duyn's wellness books cover of Snapshots, Memoir of Jan & Miep Duyn, edited by Corina Duyn  
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  • Snapshots (2017) of Jan & Miep Duyn:  €10 plus + flat rate €2.50 postage -delivery early June 2017 
  • Life Outside the Box  (2016) Puppet Project €10, plus €1 postage
  • Flying on Little Wings:  (2011) Photographs and wisdom of birds  €5, including postage
  • Cirrus Chronicles   (2009) A Modern Day Fairy Tale, for all ages (4 till a 104!)  €6, reduced from€10, including postage
  • Hatched (2006) A creative Journey Through M.E. Alsmost out of print, but available for download : Hached-rehatched €3.99 here
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