Invisible Octopus Poem:
“Here is a poem, a story, an animation, of a life triumphant under the weight of a debilitating illness M.E., of a woman whose words are her lifeline, an inspiration to others.” Dolores Ronayne, Poet.

‘Invisible Octopus’ started off as narration to a puppetry film during a mentoring opportunity with Dr. Emma Fisher, funded by Arts & Disability Ireland Connect Scheme 2019. The publication of the poem received the support of a Professional Development Artlinks Bursary 2020. The shadow puppetry imagery highlight further the stark reality of life with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E).

The ‘Invisible Octopus’ Poem (2.12 min) Read by Corina Duyn

This poem and the images in this short video are the bases for the Ribbon of Light exhibition opening 4th October. See HERE for details.

These shadow images were created on an overhead projector and reflected on the opposite wall. A selection of 12 A4 prints, A5 greeting cards with abstracts from the poem, as well as a limited edition accordion style A6 booklet with full poem and images will be available at the exhibition as well as via my website. (Further details later.)

Supported by Artlinks Professional Development Bursary 2020

See HERE for a podcast conducted by Emma Windsor from Puppet Place in Bristol exploring my Invisible Octopus project, looking back at how this came about. Question five deals with Octopus, part six why I opted for poetry. Total podcast 24 minutes – individual segments available on Vimeo.