Videos and audio recordings about Corina Duyn’s work

Corina Duyn’s art and writing has been documented in several short videos/documentaries: Fit to Fly, by David Begley and Flight Path by Katie Lincoln. This page also includes videos of  Into the Light book in a box  and links to booklaunches, Puppet Adventures, and talks.

Writers Corina Duyn and Michael Harding, videos of book launch of Into the Light


Fit to Fly Documentary by David Begley (2003) about the Art of Corina Duyn during the early years of living with M.E. In two parts. (Please note that the first video starts with black screen for a few seconds)

Flight Path (2006) was created by Katie Lincoln to accompany Corina Duyn’s first book Hatched

Into the LightBook in a Box

Into the Light from Corina Duyn on Vimeo.

Book launch:

Abstract of the launch of Into the Light (2015) with talks by Michael Harding and Corina Duyn at Dzogchen Beara

Puppetry/ animation

The Dance of Life – short introduction to animation video

Puppet related films and talks

Talks about life with M.E.

More films on Youtube