Into the Light – a book-in-a-box

Into the Light by Corina Duyn is an Artist Book-in-a-wooden-box. Each loose sheet has a short reflection on life with chronic illness/disability, although its wisdoms are also applicable to many of life’s challenges. Fear, hope, acceptance, society’s attitudes, the power of creativity and moments of gratitude are all explored. Supported by quotes from a great variety of authors, each sheet is illustrated with Corina’s stunning nature photographs and her imaginative art.four version of Into the Light book in a box by Corina Duyn
ISBN 978-0-9563589-3-6 ; 82 loose sheets in a box. Full colour. Written and illustrated by Corina Duyn; Published by Little Wings, September 2015, Limited Edition of 500. Shortlisted for Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors (The CAP Awards) 

See please see shop page for the four editions: Into the Light Wooden Box €30; Limited edition of 12 – linen wrap around box €70;  Gusset envelop €25; ‘Care Box’ €40. Postage flat rate of €8. (Books weigh about 1kg) A4 Prints with images from the book are available here 




    • “Into the Light feels like a hug in a box” (Miriam Hennebry)
    • From Stonebird website “What we love about this in essence deconstructed and elegantly transformed book, is how it brings accessibility, where an ordinary book is too heavy, too complex and often too many pages and too many words to manage. The imagery and photography convey so much to me personally – they elicit a recognition and deep resonance in my heart of my own experience, yet bring hope. They seem to bring a multi dimensional aspect because it resonates so deeply with what I know myself also from my own very severe illness and helps me recognises a bond of knowing between us, carried through the messages, words, imagery, beyond what is physically seen – the gift of not aloneness, the comprehension of pain, the need to surrender to the experience yet not to give in, the triumph, the resilience of the human heart and spirit despite intense physical suffering.” (Linda and Greg Crowhurst)
    • “Into the Light is not just an ordinary book, it is a deeply spiritual, inspirational work. The story of challenges overcome through courage; the story of fear overcome by hope, the story of darkness overcome by light, and that comes right through it.It makes for an extraordinary presentation.” Sr. Stan. Sanctuary Launch.
    • “Into the Light has left me reflecting on a whole range of emotions: anger, pity, sorrow, joy, friendship, gratitude – and through it all there is a wonderful intelligence connecting the reader with a whole host of creative people who have pondered the good and the bad that illness brings into life. And within that is a sense of freedom at sharing that experience of barriers to what… to being understood, accepted, appreciated, a part of it all rather than apart, isolated from the life.”  Colin Hambrook on Disability Arts Online
    • “The words in this book – Into the Light- are from the heart. They are realisations- rather than ideas. They are a beautiful kind of resource. It is beautiful and extraordinary… The artist used her illness – something that happened to her – to go deeper, querying the joys of being alive. The words and images tell us not to be afraid. It is beautiful here too. And that is an amazing thing. So thank you for that.”  Michael Harding at Dzogchen Beara book launch
    • “Corina has a great capacity to help others with her work.”  (Tobi Zausner, PhD, LCSW, Writer and Therapist. USA)


A few sample pages from Into the Light

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