Artist, Writer and puppet designer Corina Duyn has explored life with chronic illness M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) over the past two decades using her creative mind. 
All resulting into theI brought the dream of flying’ exhibition 

The Visual Journey gallery

The slideshow starts with a quick tour of some of the ‘Fantasy Folk’ Artist Dolls (1990-98) where my focus was Irish Folklore.  Followed by exploring the inner landscape of illness M.E. (in some places refered to as ME/CFS, or CFS), which changed my life in 1998.  

The occurring themes were eggs, birds and flight. (1998 – 2011). After this time a shift occured from the desire to ‘fly away’ from illness, to a more ‘grounded’ reality. Roots are often used in the sculptures. From 2016 the theme explored is movement. This ultimately led me back to making puppets. When making puppets became no longer possible due to increase in illness, I explored shadow puppetry. These are the last images in this slideshow. (More of my puppets and small tapestries can be seen in a separate slideshows below)

The sculptural  works were created twenty minutes at the time, over several months. Many of  previous works were used as illustrations in my books,  and prints.

See also my article (Dec. 2020) on Arts & in their ‘Reflections’ Series “My Art and M.E.: The Demands of a Creative MindA true honour to be asked to submit this writing.


Small Tapestries gallery

“Weaving became an unexpected form of meditation. Moving each thread under and over. Under and over. Exploring the play of colour. Experimenting with texture. Every action a metaphor for life.”

© Corina Duyn – Into the Light



Puppetry Is where Corina’s creative life (through illness) has led to. See puppetry page for more. The Life outside the Box Puppetry Project with fellow members of the IWA was the start of exploring puppetry and disability. This eight month project led to a book, film and exhibitions.  She shares her work and experiences via festivals, universities and symposia. Corina was awarded a Mentoring Bursary from Arts and Disability Ireland to work with Puppeteer Emma Fisher. This led to ‘Invisible Octopus’ project. (See video-poem on puppetry page) And shares her puppet making skill via an online puppet making course. See Puppetry Page 


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