Healing arts is one word to describe Artist and Writer Corina Duyn’s arts practice. This gallery shares her work from pre-illness Fantasy Folk Artist Dolls, depicting the Irish Folklore, to the creative healing arts: exploring the inner landscape of illness. All sculptures and tapestries were created twenty minutes at the time- over several months. Her photography is the link between her art and writing. Her creative journey, her creative mind, led to “All Things Puppet.”

Fantasy Folk Artist Doll of old man by healing arts artist Corina Duyn

The Visual Journey  healing arts gallery includes early art works which follows the challenges faced during the onset of illness, M.E. (in some places refered to as ME/CFS, or CFS – unfortunately…), in 1998. Corina explores the inner landscape of illness, through paintings, collages, and sculptures (1998 – 2011): Images of eggs, and birds, and flying.  The portfolio slideshow starts of with a quick tour of her Fantasy Folk Artist Dolls (1990-98) where Corina’s focus was the Irish Folklore. Visit Gallery  *


sculpture of fairy on a fish, photograph with ginger cat by by healing arts artist Corina Duyn

New Beginnings healing arts gallery shares some of M.E. Artist Corina Duyn’s more recent art works.  A shift occured from the desire to ‘fly away’ from illness, as you might have seen in the visual journey gallery, to a more ‘grounded’ reality. Roots are often used in these sculptures. Most of these works were created twenty minutes at the time, over several months. From 2016 the theme explored is movement…  Visit Gallery *


Tapestry of face looking at a starling bird, part of by healing arts artist Corina Duyn

Small Tapestries  gallery is where Corina Duyn shares her love of weaving. Having followed a one year course, it was soon clear that Corina was meant to be weaving all her life!  Using treads as a methaphor of life, this added to her exloring healing arts in a new way.  Visit Gallery *




Puppetry Is where Corina’s creative life (through illness) has led to. See puppetry page for more.

The main trigger was facilitating the Inclusive arts Life outside the Box Puppetry Project with fellow members of the IWA. This eight month project led to a book, film and exhibitions. Corina is now facilitating distant learning puppet making courses. She has been invited to share her work and story at festivals, universities and symposia. Corina has been awarded a Mentoring Bursary from Arts and Disability Ireland to work with Puppeteer Emma Fisher.