Hatched, a creative journey through M.E.

Hatched, published as paperback in 2006, is a distillation of eight years of writing, a process that helped the author artist and writer Corina Duyn to come to terms with a debilitating illness M.E. Her poetry and images allow us to glimpse her sense of humour along with strength of mind.

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November 2022 – The ‘Hatched’ poems have been put on music by Jeroen Niesten/ Luck Surus. Listen on Spotify  Or Youtube or the Luck Surus youtube channel   for any new releases – some with images of my book. See how this came about on ME Global 


Hatched- a Creative Journey Through M.E. by Corina Duyn. ISBN 978-0-9563589-0-5; 192 pages. Full colour, 15×15 cm. Accompanied by Flightpath documentary. Supported by Waterford County Council Arts Office & Arts Council of Ireland. Written and illustrated by Corina Duyn; Published by Little Wings 2006. 

Endorsements for Hatched- a Creative Journey Through M.E.

  • “Hatched” is one of the most energetic, generous-hearted, sharp-minded and inspiring books of poems I’ve read for quite a while. No matter what page you open the book I find love of life, an appreciation of life, a vibrant sense of privilege and gratitude …” (Poet Brendan Kennelly)
  • It is beautiful. Really beautiful. It gives me courage. (Dianne Mawhood)
  • Dropping an audio book in to Corina back in 1999 I was horrified to see the wheelchair abandoned at the bottom of a steep staircase – Like Rapunzel incarcerated in her ivory tower Corina was trapped – trapped in a body unsure how to function – trapped – trapped full stop.“Housebound but Homeless”  – Librarian Evelyn Coady – Book launch Lismore Library, 6- ‘06
  • Corina Duyn is living proof of the adage that you can’t keep a good woman down. In the last eight years, she has gone from the depths of crippling pain and tiredness, where she was unable to even crack an egg, to publishing her first book of poetry and visual imagery. Deirdre O’Flynn   Painting through the pain – Feelgood- Irish Examiner 6-‘06
  • Flight Path documentary making of Hatched
  • Click here to download and read the book for free 


Supported by

Arts Council of Ireland- Hatched- a Creative Journey Through ME/CFS Waterford County Council Arts Office- Hatched- a Creative Journey Through ME/CFS

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  1. […] ME/CFS is an inflammation of the brain & spinal cord. It is a complex and debilitating illness involving neurological and endocrinal dysfunction with immune system dysregulation that is not improved by bed rest and can worsen with physical or mental exertion. In the beginning I would be very tired and feel ill, like I had a bad case of the flu which some months later evolved to include muscle pain, starting in my toes and slowly travelling up into the rest of my body. As the illness progressed my brain functions started to be affected, I couldn’t read, couldn’t write, my memory became poor and I became clumsy and uncoordinated even with simple tasks like opening the door with a key. My journey through this time is told in part in a documentary made in 2003 by my friend David Begley and can be seen here and here. In 2006, Katie Lincoln produced a second documentary covering my journey though my illness called Flight Path, which accompanied my first book Hatched. […]

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