I brought the dream of flying

‘I brought the dream of flying’. Corina Duyn 2022 (photo by Caroline Schofield)

Corina Duyn & Caroline Schofield exhibition at GOMA. Supported by Waterford Healing Arts Trust, GOMA, and Creative Waterford

I brought the dream of flying…, a new exhibition by artists Corina Duyn and Caroline Schofield, will take place at GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford from 14 January to 11 February 2023.  Inspired by a broken-winged bird puppet which accompanied Corina when she moved to full-time nursing home care last year, the exhibition features work made in response to this move and illustrates the new collaborative creative process Corina has developed with Caroline as a result of her increasing disability.  A short tour of the exhibition, led by artist Pascale de Coninck, will take place at 2pm on Saturday 14 January, followed by the official opening at 3pm.  The exhibition is presented by Waterford Healing Arts Trust and GOMA, with funding from Creative Waterford. 

SEE FULL WONDERFUL PRESS RELEASE at http://www.waterfordhealingarts.com/i-brought-the-dream-of-flying/



17 December 2022

I wrote an update on 600 days of living in care https://corinaduyn.blogspot.com/2022/12/six-hundred-days.html

seen through my creative mind and art.

(5-2-23) There are many many photos, comments, reviews etc share on my FACEBOOK page too many share here.
I simply am not able, but I hope you can view the post there over the past three weeks.

This coming week, the lat week of the exhibition there are two public talks. See HERE. Artist Talk: Tues 7 Feb, 1pm-2pm
Talk for social and healthcare professionals: Thurs 9 Feb, 11am-12 noon