Corina Duyn’s books, poem, prints and puppet making course

Corina Duyn’s books, poem, prints and puppet making course. All sharing her thoughts on life of twenty-two-year long experience of learning to live Well with illness M.E. (unfortunately often confused with ME/CFS or CFS). Including the latest work around ‘Invisible Octopus’ 

Books, prints, postcards, also available from Forest & Flock shop in Bantry, West Cork.

For ‘Invisible Octopus’ poem, cards and prints, please see the POEM page 





Stack of Corina Duyn's books: Buy Corina Duyn's healing art books and art

For  BooksInto the Light; Hatched, Cirrus Chronicles; Snapshots, Life Outside de Box, see HERE 




Prints from Into the Light by Corina Duyn. healing art books and art

Corina Duyn’s limited edition  prints – from her book Into the Light

Prints from €12.50. 






Puppet making course – Access all the guidelines via videos and online books. Further details and bookings HERE






black and white photo of Corina Duyn taking puppet out of box

Make a donation of your choice, to pay for a Creative PA to help her to continue to explore illness/disability through creativity. Our deepest gratitude.