a visual journey

This Visual Journey gallery slideshow starts with a quick tour of Corina Duyn’s work with Fantasy Folk Artist Dolls (1990-98). It also chronicles works where Corina Duyn learned to come to terms with the onset of illness, M.E. in 1998: Exploring the inner landscape of illness, through paintings, collages, and sculptures (1998 –2011). Later works showing a more grounded reality of life can be viewed in the New Beginnings gallery.  (view as slideshow– or click on ‘show thumbnails’)

“Inspiration – The act of drawing in the breath
Inspiration – A good idea”

© Corina Duyn –  Into the Light

Further information:

  • For the stories behind the Waterford Crystal set, please see my blog: A blast from the past
  • How art goes around in full circles: It is all about boxes
  • The puppetry works in this portfolio made their return in the Life Outside the Box project
  • If you are interested to commission a piece of art, please contact me.