Flying on Little Wings

Flying on Little Wings by Corina Duyn was first created as a Hand-made book (January 2011). Due to heartwarming response, it is now available as paperback. As it is only 10x10 cm, is it small enough to carry the words of wisdom from the birds in your pocket. Cover of Flying on Little Wings by Corina Duyn. a small white feather on a red background

ISBN 978-0-9563589-2-9; 36 pages, full colour, 10x10 cm - Written and illustrated by Corina Duyn - Published by Little Wings, 2011  Available from  SHOP €5 - including postage 


  • "I hope this book will give comfort to people. That they will realise something as simple as a story of a bird taking flight for the first time, against all the odds, against gravity, that for them too, anything is possible." - Ciara Conway - Pat Kiely, Dungarvan Observer 13 April.
  • 'Gentle and wise, the simple reassurance of nature breathing from every page.'  - Spark Deeley, Artist and Writer.
  • ... some of the sentiments expressed are gentle and reassuring. It also attest to the strenght of Corina Duyn and in her ambition to create such a small gem"  - Liam Murphy, Munster Express, 8 April '11
  • "Chronic illness opened up a stunning world of Creativity for Corina Duyn."  - Irish Examiner Feelgood supplement, 15 April '11
  • 'An striking artistic achievement. It will bring joy and admiration to many hearts and minds.'  - Brendan Kennelly, Irish Poet
  • 'Stunning photographs and thought provoking words. It can be read many times to entertain, sustain and help keep belief in things to improve.  - Sue Page
  • 'Precious'  - Dolores Ronayne
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