HATCHED re-hatched

Hatched  A creative journey through M.E. e-book was first published as paperback in 2006 and is now available as updated digital download under the title HATCHED re-hatched ISBN 987-0-9563589-4-3 €3.99

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HATCHED re-hatched

  • "HATCHED"  an inspiring book with energetic, generous-hearted and sharp minded poems, illustrated with thought-provoking images.  
  • September 1, 2016
  • 184 pages

Hatched, A creative journey through M.E. e-book by Corina DuynReviews of first editon

  • Hatched is one of the most energetic, generous-hearted, sharp minded and inspiring book of poems I’ve read for quite a while. No matter at what page I open the book, I find a love of life, an appreciation of life, and a vibrant sense of privilege and gratitude. … Illness has somehow endowed Corina with the ability to conduct a dialogue with reality. She turns fragility into strength, disability into freedom, and confusion into beautiful normality. Poet Brendan Kennelly
  • “Great day for a walk” – is not just a greeting, but a celebration for the human spirit. Hatched deserves an international audience, and merits a place on best-seller lists. Liam Murphy, Munster Express
  • It is beautiful. Really beautiful. It gives me courage. Dianne Mawhood
  • The lesson of this deeply personal yet emphatic diary that is Hatched is that you don’t have to get ME to embrace them. Christy Parker, Dungarvan Observer
  • This is something really special and uplifting. Interaction Magazine
  • I found tears rolling down my cheeks- tears of both empathy and relief. Corina has shared her experiences in a simple, beautiful, and human way. Sue Page
  • Corina Duyn is living proof of the adage that you can’t keep a good woman down. Deirdre O’Flynn, Irish Examiner

The Flight Path documentary by Katie Lincoln about the making of Hatched, can be viewed here