a visual journey

This Visual Journey gallery includes early art works where the artist learned to come to terms with the onset of illness, M.E. , in 1998. Corina explores the inner landscape of illness, through paintings, collages, and sculptures (1998 –2011). Images of eggs, and birds, and flying... The portfolio slideshow starts of with a quick tour of Corina Duyn's Fantasy Folk Artist Dolls (1990-98) where the focus was the Irish Folklore. Her later works show being much more grounded in her reality of life with illness, and can be viewed in the New Beginnings portfolio

"Inspiration - The act of drawing in the breath
Inspiration - A good idea"

© Corina Duyn -  Into the Light

Further information:
  • For the stories behind the Waterford Crystal set, please see my blog: A blast from the past
  • How art goes around in full circles: It is all about boxes
  • The puppetry works in this portfolio made their return in the Life Outside the Box project
  • If you are interested to commission a piece of art, please contact me.