Reviews of Corina Duyn’s art and books which chronicle her journey from illness to wellness. Reviews of Into the Light, Hatched, Fit to Fly documentary, Flying on Little Wings, and looking back at her Fantasy Folk Artist Dolls.

four version of Into the Light book in a box by Corina DuynReviews of  Into the Light” by Corina Duyn  2015

  • “Into the Light feels like a hug in a box” (Miriam Hennebry)
  • “Corina has a great capacity to help others with your work.”  (Tobi Zausner, PhD, LCSW, Writer and Therapist. USA)
  • Corina shows us a life that is close to nature, that is filled with imagination, and thought, and reflection, with a clear sense of who she is, and the course that she is travelling through this world, and yes there is a life – and art has a big part to play in it” Mary Grehan, Waterford Healing Arts Trust
  • “It is wonderful the way Corina has brought this book into being for the benefit of others. (Vidyamala Burch, Author of Mindfulness for Health, UK)
  • I think what Corina offers can be so very healing, if we are quiet and let it in.” (Jennifer Puerner. Psychotherapist, and Living your Dance facilitator. Colorado USA)
  • “The words in this book – Into the Light- are from the heart. They are realisations- rather than ideas. They are a beautiful kind of resource. It is beautiful and extraordinary… The artist used her illness – something that happened to her – to go deeper, querying the joys of being alive. The words and images tell us not to be afraid. It is beautiful here too. And that is an amazing thing. So thank you for that.”  Michael Harding at book launch.

review of Flying on Little wings by Corina Duyn, Book has red cover with small white featherReviews of Flying on Little Wings by Corina Duyn, 2011

  • “I hope this book will give comfort to people and that they will realise something as simple as a story of a bird taking flight for the first time, against all the odds, against gravity, that for them too, anything is possible.” – Ciara Conway – Pat Kiely, Dungarvan Observer 13 April.
  • ‘Gentle and wise, the simple reassurance of nature breathing from every page.’  – Spark Deeley, Artist and Writer.
  • … some of the sentiments expressed are gentle and reassuring, but they attest to the strenght of Corina Duyn and in her ambition to create such a small gem”  – Liam Murphy, Munster Express, 8 April ’11
  • Chronic illness opened up a stunning world of Creativity for Corina Duyn.”  – Irish Examiner Feelgood supplement, 15 April ’11
  • ‘An striking artistic achievement. It will bring joy and admiration to many hearts and minds.’  – Brendan Kennelly, Irish Poet
  • Stunning photographs and thought provoking words. It can be read many times to entertain, sustain and help keep belief in things to improve.  – Sue Page
  • ‘Precious’  – Dolores Ronayne

Reviews of Cirrus Chronicles- Landing in Ballynelligan by Corina Duyn. Image of tree and robinReviews of Cirrus Chronicles – Landing in Ballynelligan by Corina Duyn 2009

  • “.. I love the book …it’s very special.  I read it last night with my granddaughter Síafra…and we had a great time talking about it ….she gave it a hundred out of a hundred!” Actor and story teller Nuala Hayes
  • “…. I love the real world around Lismore that Corina Duyn has conjured up, especially the Cloudland International Rainbow Dance Festival, where the cloud fairies dance and eat sky-blue candyfloss and drink rainbow lemonade. You may even learn Cloud-Hole-Jumping.  Who knows, but at some future date, people may come to Lismore (co. Waterford- Ireland)  to track the habitat of many of the creatures of this book. Liam Murphy- Munster Express
  • ‘Cirrus chronicles’, a magical book to be launched in Lismore.’  On the first glance at the cover of Corina Duyn’s new book Cirrus Chronicles – Landing in Ballynelligan is enough to know you are in for a treat”  – Antonia Zane – Avondhu 10-‘09
  •  I love the real world around Lismore that Corina Duyn has conjured up, especially the Cloudland International Rainbow Dance Festival, where the cloud fairies dance and eat sky-blue candyfloss and drink rainbow lemonade. You may even learn Cloud-Hole-Jumping. Who knows, but at some future date, people may come to Lismore to track the habitat of many of the creatures of this book.  – Liam Murphy. On show – Munster Express 11-‘09
  • Like any good fairy on her travels, Lismore author and all round artist Corina Duyn, will drop in on the children of her local Liosmore Mochuda national school. Corina’s underlying hope is that her books ‘will encourage adults and children to see the magic and wonder that lies all about us, unimagined and unrecognised in everyday things’. – Christy Parker Corina brings Cirrus to school  – Dungarvan Observer 12-‘09
  • -blue candyfloss and drink rainbow lemonade. You may even learn Cloud-Hole-Jumping. Who knows, but at some future date, people may come to Lismore to track the habitat of many of the creatures of this book.  – Liam Murphy. On show – Munster Express 11-‘09

 Reviews of Hatched, a creative journey through M.E. by Corina Duyn, Cover of book is of hen in from of window looking at a notebook and pen on window sillReviews of  Hatched a creative journey through M.E.  by Corina Duyn now also available for download as HATCHED re-Hatched

  • “Hatched” is one of the most energetic, generous-hearted, sharp-minded and inspiring books of poems I’ve read for quite a while. No matter what page you open the book I find love of life, an appreciation of life, a vibrant sense of privilege and gratitude …” (Poet Brendan Kennelly)
  • It is beautiful. Really beautiful. It gives me courage. (Dianne Mawhood)
  • I found tears rolling down my cheeks- tears of both empathy and relief. You have shared your experiences in a simple, beautiful, and human way.’ (Sue Page)
  • Dropping an audio book in to Corina back in 1999 I was horrified to see the wheelchair abandoned at the bottom of a steep staircase – Like Rapunzel incarcerated in her ivory tower Corina was trapped – trapped in a body unsure how to function – trapped – trapped full stop.“Housebound but Homeless”  – Librarian Evelyn Coady – Book launch Lismore Library, 6- ‘06
  • Corina Duyn is living proof of the adage that you can’t keep a good woman down. In the last eight years, she has gone from the depths of crippling pain and tiredness, where she was unable to even crack an egg, to publishing her first book of poetry and visual imagery. Deirdre O’Flynn  Painting through the pain – Feelgood- Irish Examiner 6-‘06
  • The physical effort to produce the materials for this book is a wonderful achievement and to look and read the contents is to be humbled by the drive and persistence to have a better quality of life, when taking a few upright steps is an achievement – great day for a walk – is not just a greeting but a celebration for the human spirit.          There is an isolating, loneliness in much of the imagery that hurts to read but as you progress  beyond relapse and the panic button and sense of homelessness. Imagine asking in December 1999 for a gift of a bottle of seawater. Once you get beyond the sense of pain punching out through your own body it is a relief to get to December 2000 and enjoy a treat of:  ‘Dark sky —- One star —Beautiful moon. ‘ Then you will appreciate the wonderful images of colourful kites and happy birds in golden cages.     It deserves an international audience and merits a place on best-seller lists.   – Liam Murphy – An uplifting and pleasurable experience.’ Munster Express 7-‘06
  • “Creativity knows no boundaries”, Corina observes in February 2005. Therein lurks the ultimate irony of her life and of all our lives. Hatched tells us as much about ourselves as it does about Corina. Compelled to stop and stare, she didn’t find creativity in herself no more than she discovered the kindness and caring of her friends. They found her. They were there all along. The lesson of the deeply personal yet emphatic diary that is Hatched is that you don’t have to get ME to embrace them. – Cristy Parker An unplanned journey.  – Dungarvan Observer 7-‘06

Reviews of Fit to fly documentary by David Begley about aritst Corina Duyn. image of corina flying a kite on Ardmore cliff

 Reviews of Fit to Fly Art by Corina Duyn 1998-2011 and Documentary by David Begley  2003

  • The [Fit to Fly] documentary about Corina’s creative journey through M.E., by the highly talented David Begley, takes us into the struggle and, for the first time, helps us to understand what M.E. is all about. In it, Corina talks openly –and from the heart- about her journey over the past number of years and about her determination to overcome her illness through the creative process – Rory Hafford Fighting the fatigue. RTE guide. 5-‘04
  • Corina expresses her deepest feelings in her pictures. A common theme is eggs hatching and birds flying.  – Stephan Flanagan Painting helps Corina cope with M.E. –  Irish Examiner. 5-‘04
  • What strikes you about Corina Duyn is not her illness but her beautiful smile! What shines through is her use of her ability, not her disability! The Fit to fly DVD was launched last Monday evening during M.E. Awareness week, by M.E. P. Brian Crowley (himself wheelchair bound) in front of a large crowd in Lismore Library.  – Pat Kiely – Journeys in her Head. Artist Corina Duyn.’ Dungarvan Observer 5-‘04.)
  • She attributes the very gradual improvement in her health to the healing that came through expressing her creativity. ‘I realised that I could be free on paper, even if I was not free in my body’, she says. ‘The images I created helped me to figure outwhat was going on with my life and how I could find my way again.’  – Andrea Smith All About ME.’ Health supplement Sunday Independent. 5-‘04
  •  Mary Grehann, Arts co-ordinator for Waterford Healing Arts Trust remarked on the imagination, inventiveness and creative power of Corina’s work. New Exhibition at Tramore library. Waterford News and Star. 9-‘04

Reviews Fantast Folk Artist doll by Corina Duyn. Image is of Old man in blue jacket and capReviews of Fantasy Folk Artist Doll Artist Dolls 1990-1998

  • One of the most original and unusual art exhibitions seen in the Province for some time opened this week at the Vivid Earth shop on Belfast’s Dublin Road…. The exhibition highlights not only Corina’s acute attention to detail, but her ability to equip each character with original qualities and facial expressions. Colin Devine Corina has Irish Pub Life on a String News Letter 8-4-‘96
  • John Rubin and I would like to confirm our interest in producing a TV series incorporating your set and characters. Letter from animator Jimmy Murakami 10-1-‘97
  • Her work combines fantasy and reality, depicting leprechauns, traditional dancers, musicians old men sitting o a bench chatting – all figures interpreted liberally through her own imagination. Model Folk from an Irish Bar. Irish Times 13-8-‘97
  • Corina was commissioned by Michael Wilcock to create a series of figures representing workers involved in each stage of the glass making process at Waterford Crystal. “Waterford’s “Little People” are now an established feature of the tourist trail where they are the object of huge inteerst from visitors both young and old. Like each piece of world famous crystal, each doll is an original creation. Waterford’s “Little People” & their Creator – Crystal Clear. 6-‘98