Corina Duyn’s healing art, books, prints and puppet making course.

Healing art, books and prints by Corina Duyn. All sharing her thoughts on turning illness into spiritual wellness. Her work follows her now twenty-one-year long experience of learning to live Well with illness M.E. (unfortunately often confused with ME/CFS or CFS)

Books, prints, postcards, also available from Forest & Flock shop in Bantry, West Cork

Stack of Corina Duyn's books: Buy Corina Duyn's healing art books and art

For  BooksInto the Light; Hatched, Cirrus Chronicles; Snapshots, Life Outside de Box, see HERE 




Prints from Into the Light by Corina Duyn. healing art books and art



Corina Duyn’s limited edition  wellness prints – from her book Into the Light

Prints from €12.50. 




Puppet making course – Access all the guidelines via videos and online books. Further details and bookings HERE






black and white photo of Corina Duyn taking puppet out of box

Make a donation of your choice, to pay for a Creative PA to help her to continue to explore illness/disability through creativity. Our deepest gratitude.