new beginnings

This New Beginnings Portfolio shares the sculptures by Artist and Writer Corina Duyn. All works were created during a time where the artist lived with the illness M.E. A shift in her work appeared in 2011 after years of exploring the theme of eggs and bird (see visual journey portfolio). These works  show a sense of being more ‘grounded’  in her reality. Many works incorporate roots. (click on image to scroll the gallery – or click on ‘show thumbnail’)

All of these works were created twenty minutes at the time, each over several months.

Being involved in Creativity is beneficial for the mind … “

© Corina Duyn – Into the Light

Further information:

  • Interview about my work, printed in Puppet Place Newsletter: Puppets and M.E.: An interview with Corina Duyn
  • For the stories behind my art works, please visit my  my blog and type title of artwork in ‘Search this Blog‘ on right side of page.
  • For a series of Art Postcards for purchase please see this page 
  • If you are interested to commission a piece of art, please contact me.