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I am about to publish Snapshots  and was considering to go the Crowd Funding route: Funding Snapshots to raise about €500 to print a limited edition of 100 books. But the memory of  Fund-it, which I used for Into the Light, with the brilliant support of Brendan Holmes, brought up some memories...  "It was a journey of excitement, apprehension, kindness from friends and strangers. Well wishes and nerve wrecking daily checking if I am getting anywhere near reaching the target..." Funding Snapshots, cover of Snapshots by Corina Duyn, with image of Jan & Miep Duyn on a motorbike. Photo from 1960Anyway, Into the Light was funded, and published. Thank you ALL. But to NOT put myself through the stressful part again, I decided to go it the Little Wings Way.  Here, gently, through my own website.  I will print, either way, but a little help would be very much appreciated. See below, but first a little about Snapshot:

About SNAPSHOTS :  A5, landscape, paperback. 96 pages. Black and white. ISBN 978-0-9563589-5-0 in both English and Dutch (Nederlands)

Snapshots is a book about the challenges of life, but also about resilience, creativity, and joy. 
The compiling of Snapshots was like an Archaeological Dig. Unearthing the stories of my parents Jan and Miep Duyn.  It is filled with anecdotes and images about their lives. Although it is a book about one family, it has many universal elements: Anecdotes written by Miep about her childhood in The Netherlands of the 1930’s. Experiences of life during the WWII, written by Jan and Miep. Some stories are funny; others will take your breath away. Snapshots concludes with memories written by their six children.
Snapshots is een boek over de uitdagingen van het leven, maar ook over veerkracht, creativiteit en vreugde.
Het opmaak van Snapshots was als een archeologische opgraving. Het tot licht brengen van de verhalen van mijn ouders Jan en Miep Duyn. Het is gevuld met anekdotes en foto's over hun leven. Hoewel het een boek over één familie, het heeft vele universele elementen: Anekdotes geschreven door Miep over haar jeugd in 1930’s Nederland. Ervaringen van het leven tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog, geschreven door Jan en Miep. Sommige verhalen zijn grappig; anderen zullen je de adem benemen. Snapshots eindigt met herinneringen geschreven door hun zes kinderen.

To take the Crowd Funding Model, there are various options: Thank you in advance! All orders to go out in early/mid June.

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    1. €10: A BIG thank you and a signed copy of  Snapshots, with free postage anywhere in the world
    2. €20: A BIG thank you and a signed copy of Snapshots, and a pack of Into the Light bookmarks, and set of Art postcards free postage anywhere in the world 
    3. €30: A BIG thank you, and three signed copies of Snapshots to share with your family 
    4. €40: A BIG thank you, and a copy of Snapshots and Three Prints of your choosing 
    5. €50 : A BIG thank you and signed copies of Snapshots  and Into the Ligth - box version, free postage anywhere in the world 
    6. €100 : A BIG thank you, and a Set of  5 booksSnapshots, Into the Light, Cirrus Chronicles, Flying on Little Wings, Life Outside the Box, free postage anywhere in the world
Or make a donation of your choice (without a book order), no matter how small, each little gift is equally appreciated.
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